Fontes Consultadas: 101 Crimes Notórios e Horripilantes de 2020

Perita da ONU considera “ilegal e arbitrário” assassínio de Soleimani pelos EUA. Observador; Girl, 16, is thrown to her death from an 11th floor apartment ‘by her...

[1] Perita da ONU considera “ilegal e arbitrário” assassínio de Soleimani pelos EUA. Observador;

[2] Girl, 16, is thrown to her death from an 11th floor apartment ‘by her uncle after she spoke out against his abuse’ in Iran. Daily Mail;

[3] Queman vivo a presunto asesino y violador de niña en Chiapas. Milenio;

[4] Presunto Asesino de la Menor en Faja de Oro era Inocente. El Orbe;

[5] Fakta Baru Bocah SMP Bunuh Bocah 5 Tahun: Tulisan di Medsos hingga Permintaan Polisi soal Kasus Ini. Tribun News;

[6] Selain Diperiksa Psikologisnya, Remaja SMP Pembunuh Bocah Dibantarkan di RS Polri Kramat Jati. Wartakota;

[7] Executions, hitmen and street parties – the aftermath of Keane Mulready-Woods’ murder. Daily Star;

[8] Robbie Lawlor murder: Arrests as gardai probe suspected money laundering operation linked to hitman death. Dublin Live;

[9] EXCLUSIVE: Furious father of girl, 10, allegedly murdered by her cousin, 14, on a rural farm attacks relatives over her death in an emotional tirade – after his daughter went to stay with them for the school holidays. Daily Mail;

[10] First cop to arrive at farm where girl, 10, was allegedly murdered by her cousin, 14, is so traumatised he had to step down after witnessing crime scene so horrific we can’t tell you the details. Daily Mail;

[11] ‘To him, they’re cleaners and prostitutes’: Killer dad’s cousin reveals his disgusting views on women after he murdered his wife and three kids. Daily Mail;

[12] ‘Angry kid’: Killer dad’s relatives speak. Whit Sunday Times;

[13] Suspeito de estuprar e matar criança é linchado e esquartejado no Amazonas. Uol;

[14] Juez de Garantías elevó a causa compleja investigaciones por homicidios en El Terrón. Telemetro;

[15] Survivor recounts confused, chaotic cult rite that killed 7 in Panama. NBC News;

[16] ‘Message from God’: Panama cult kills seven, including pregnant mother and kids, in exorcism ritual. National Post;

[17] Deported Mexican national could be ‘serial killer’ after 5th body found in Tijuana: police. Fox News;

[18] Con ayuda de su novia y otro hombre, Santiago mató y enterró a sus suegros. Punto Norte;

[19] Gabonese President Denounces Vigilante Violence After Social Media Rumors. The Caravel;

[20] Gabon : Suite au lynchage de Patrick Eyeghe accusé à tort de vouloir enlever des enfants, plusieurs interpellations ont eu lieu. La Libreville;

[21] 6 of family gunned down in Pakistan for ‘honour’. Dev Discourse;

[22] Husband carries his wife’s severed HEAD through the streets and waves to onlooking crowds after beheading her in India. Daily Mail;

[23] UP Man Beheads Wife, Walks On Road With Severed Head: Police. NDTV;

[24] Armenia-Azerbaijan: Why did Nagorno-Karabakh spark a conflict? BBC;

[25] Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: ‘Execution’ video prompts war crime probe. BBC News;

[26] Lawyers see war crime attributes in beheading Armenian soldier. Caucasian Knot;

[27] Moçambique enfrenta onda de decapitações por jihadistas que difundem vídeos em português. BBC News;

[28] Militant Islamists ‘behead more than 50’ in Mozambique. BBC News;

[29] Nigeria: Boko Haram killed 76 farmers in Borno State. Deutsche Welle;

[30] Nigeria: Militants kill dozens in attack on farm. Deutsche Welle;

[31] Teacher Burnt to Death by Parents Over Poor Results. Kenyans;

[32] India’s federal agency to probe Dalit woman’s gang rape and death. Al Jazeera;

[33] Indian woman from Dalit community dies after alleged gang-rape. CNN;

[34] Mass shooting by Jakrapanth Thomma puts Thai army officers’ side deals under scrutiny. The Straits Times;

[35] One gunman, four locations, 29 dead: how the mass shooting in Thailand unfolded. Reuters;

[36] What we know about the mass shooter in Thailand. Reuters;

[37] France: Three teens charged in beheading of history teacher. Deutsche Welle;

[38] Por que governo francês está responsabilizando as redes sociais em caso de professor decapitado. BBC News;

[39] Germany: Mother the sole suspect after 5 children found dead in Solingen apartment. Deutsche Welle;

[40] Germany child deaths: Hundreds mourn death of five Solingen kids. Deutsche Welle;

[41] Cameroon: Children killed in attack on school in Kumba. BBC News;


[43] Youtuber russo que matou a namorada em uma ‘live’ é preso. El País;

[44] Mystery surrounds murder of Hezbollah fighter. Arab News;

[45] Feminicidio de Ingrid Escamilla: la indignación en México por el brutal asesinato de la joven y la difusión de las fotos de su cadáver. BBC News;

[46] Lancaster father charged with murder, accused of decapitating his kids while forcing his other children to view slain siblings. ABC7;

[47] Chilling details released in case of California father who decapitated 2 children, starved 2 others. Boston 25 News;

[48] PM preso por matar namorada em Valença tem histórico de denúncias de agressão. Extra;

[49] Mais três mulheres reconhecem o adolescente como ‘Maníaco de Marituba. G1;

[50] Justiça condena a 30 anos de prisão homem do caso do ‘Maníaco de Marituba’. G1;

[51] Morre segunda vítima do “maníaco de Marituba” no PA; casos de abusos são 10. UOL;

[52] Un cadáver decapitado y sin corazón, el crimen con tintes satánicos que sacude a Santa Fe. Clarin;

[53] Une neuvième décapitation mystérieuse dans la ville de Fana. Lorient-Le Jour;

[54] PJ de Braga fez perícias a BMW do homicida de Ponte de Lima. Jornal de Notícias;

[55] Teve alta a mulher que viu ex-marido matar e mutilar atual companheiro. Jornal de Notícias;

[56] O macabro crime no Algarve que chocou um país inteiro. SOL;

[57] Juiz manda julgar ex-namoradas que desmembraram jovem no Algarve. CM Jornal;

[58] Another piece of ‘cannibal teacher’s victim’ who was ‘murdered after meeting on gay website’ is found by German police as chunk of torso ‘with flesh attached’ is discovered. Daily Mail;

[59] Как убивал своих жертв новосибирский “людоед”: жуткая история психопата. Moskovskij Komsomolets;

[60] ‘Ukrainian cannibal killed his girlfriend and fried her legs to eat after getting hungry while boozing at home’. Daily Mail;

[61] Папина дочка: Знаменитую на всю Молдову Анну Лейкович, вырвавшую сердце матери, отправили в тюрьму, где уже сидит ее отец. KP Moldova;

[62] Похоронили заживо: в Петербурге нашли тело женщины, зарытое по голову в парке. Daily Storm;

[63] $10K reward offered for information in Harvey woman’s murder, disappearance in Midlothian forest preserve. ABC 7;

[64] Féminicide en Algérie : vague de colère après la mort de Chaïma, violée et brûlée. TV5 Monde;

[65] Émotion en Algérie après le meurtre d’une jeune fille de 19 ans violée et brûlée vive. Ouest France;

[66] Caso Carrefour: polícia indicia 6 pessoas pela morte de João Alberto. UOL;

[67] George Floyd told officers ‘I can’t breathe’ more than 20 times, transcripts show. The Guardian;

[68] Protests in Somalia after teen is raped by 11 men, thrown from building. The Standard;

[69] Teenager is gang-raped by at least 11 men and thrown to her death off a six-floor building in Somali capital Mogadishu. Daily Mail;

[70] Lobos: la autopsia reveló que la nena asesinada murió por quemaduras. La Nacion;

[71] Brutal femicidio en Lobos: una niña de 10 años fue asesinada a golpes y luego quemada. Página 12;

[72] Los macabros detalles de la autopsia que revelan cómo Naim Vera mató a Brenda Micaela Gordillo. Perfil;

[73] Tiró a su novia por la escalera, la quemó en la parrilla y la descuartizó. Perfil;

[74] Naim actuó con frialdad macabra para deshacerse del cuerpo. El Ancasti;

[75] Leave before it’s too late, Bheki Cele tells abused women. Times Live;

[76] Eastern Cape family axe murder accused appears in court. Times Live;

[77] Police arrest man ‘about to flee SA’ after gruesome family axe murders. Times Live;

[78] Family axe murder accused abandons bail bid. Sowetan Live;

[79] Bolangir Mass Murder Cracked, Seven Arrested, Two On The Run. Ommcom News;

[80] Odisha cops arrest 7 for gruesome murder of 6 from a family. Hindustan Times;

[81] Queman vivo a un experto en medicina natural en Guatemala acusándole de “brujo”. La Vanguardia;

[82] Outrage as Guatemalan Maya spiritual guide is tortured and burned alive. The Guardian;

[83] Murder of indigenous Maya healer spurs calls for justice in Guatemala. Reuters;

[84] Serial killer sexually assaulted as a child, may have triggered spree: Police. Hindustan Times;

[85] Serial killer targeted strangers for fun. His family called him ‘Psycho Razi’: Cops. Hindustan Times;

[86] “Assassino do martelo”. O serial killer que andava a matar sem-abrigo à martelada já foi apanhado. MAGG;

[87] El asesino de mendigos que no querían ni los propios mendigos. La Razón;

[88] Los últimos pasos del asesino en serie de personas sin hogar. La Vanguardia;

[89] ‘Preparing for the end’: Mindset of Nova Scotia gunman described in court docs. Global News;

[90] 22 victims of N.S. rampage include retirees, pregnant health-care worker, veteran. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation;

[91] Irapuato: asesinan a 28 en un centro de rehabilitación. La Jornada;

[92] Por que cartéis mexicanos estão atacando clínicas de reabilitação de drogas. Vice;

[93] Baakline Man who Killed 10 including Wife and 2 Brothers Arrested. Naharnet;

[94] Paranoia, racism: German killer drew on conspiracy tropes. Associated Press;

[95] The bizarre views of Germany shooter Tobias Rathjen. New Straits Times;

[96] Hanau attack gunman railed against ethnic minorities online. The Guardian;

[97] Homem é preso acusado de arrastar um homem sem teto até a morte em São Luís, no Maranhão. Fantástico;

[98] Her abuse was a ‘family matter,’ until it went live. SBS News;

[99] Tibetan influencer Lhamo’s murder is a grim reminder that China still fails victims of domestic violence. Sup China;

[100] Ethiopian Human Rights Comission. Rapid Investigation into Grave Human Rights Violation in Maikadra Preliminary Findings. 24 de Novembro de 2020; Disponível em Maikadra Preliminary Findings English;

[101] Justiça interroga namoradas acusadas de matar e queimar família no ABC; outros 3 réus ficam em silêncio. G1 Globo;

[102] Família encontrada carbonizada no ABC: o que se sabe e o que falta saber. G1 Globo;

[103] Libya’s Tripoli government says 30 migrants killed in revenge attack. Reuters;

[104] O brutal assassinato após tortura de menina de 7 anos que chocou o México. BBC News;

[105] Couple detained in Fátima’s murder; husband wanted ‘young girlfriend’. Mexico News Daily;

[106] Fátima, sete anos. Foi raptada pela mulher do homem que a violou e matou. Jornal de Notícias;

[107] Finnish court detains three 16-year-olds on suspicion of murder in Helsinki. Helsinki Times;

[108] Police: Long-running bullying behind murder of teenager that shocked Finland. Helsinki Times;

[109] Finnish interior minister shocked by homicide of teenager in Helsinki. Helsinki Times;

[110] Woman charged with murder of two Orange Farm kids a suspect in another murder. IOL;

[111] Orange Farm child murder suspect Pontsho Mohlanka abandons bail application. News 24;

[112] Tavern owner and wife arrested for boy’s murder. Sowetan Live;

[113] Tragic Emily was killed as she played on her scooter, inquest hears. The Bolton News;

[114] Kidnapped High Schooler Found Dead At Garbage Dump Site. Haitian Times;

[115] In outrage over Haiti student’s killing, focus turns to artists, social media influencers. Miami Herald;

[116] Toddler, 2, ‘strangled to death then thrown in oven by his grandparents’. The Mirror;

[117] Relatives Suspect Juju In Zimuto Gruesome Murder. News Pindula;

[118] Man murders nephew (8), cooks head. The Sunday Mail;

[119] Masvingo child killer identified. The Herald;

[120] Morte de indigenista é face sombria do desmatamento, dizem pesquisadores. Exame;

[121] Máfias do Ipê. Como a Violência e a Impunidade Impulsionam o Desmatamento na Amazônia Brasileira. Human Rights Watch;

[122] Ceyda Yüksel davası 5 Şubat’a ertelendi. Gazete Duvar;

[123] Ceyda Yüksel’in katil zanlısının savunmasına karşı annesinden şok iddia!. Sabah;

[124] Authorities identify one of three sets of remains found in San Luis Valley as missing Del Norte man. The Colorado Sun;

[125] Police search for suspect after three people’s remains are found in San Luis Valley. The Colorado Sun;

[126] Authorities identify second set of remains discovered in San Luis Valley as missing Saguache County woman. The Colorado Sun;

[127] Brutal details in murder of Alamosa woman revealed in arrest affidavit. The Gazette;

[128] ‘KILLER’ THERAPIST Psychologist ‘drugged twin daughters, 7, before killing them and turning gun on herself during custody fight’. The Sun;

[129] Blinded by Money: Couple Arrested for Mutilating Man in Jakarta. Jakarta Globe;

[130] Mulher suspeita de assassinar grávida em Canelinha abordou outras gestantes, diz polícia. NSC Total;

[131] Assassinato de grávida em Canelinha foi “loucura”, diz autora confessa do crime. NSC Total;

[132] ‘Courageous, sunny and intelligent’: Italy mourns the death of Agitu Gudeta. Info Migrants;

[133] Emily e Rebecca: laudos indicam que tiros atingiram fígado, coração e cabeça. G1;

[134] Adolescente revela com detalhes como ajudou a mãe matar a irmã. Hoje Mais;

[135] Who is Vikas Dubey? All you need to know about Kanpur gangster. India Today;

[136] Hachalu Hundessa – Ethiopia’s murdered musician who sang for freedom. BBC News;

[137] Girl killed in Yemen in shocking circumstances: Perpetrators must be held accountable. Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor;

[138] 24-year-old Bihar man kills 9 people to hide lover’s murder in Telangana. Tribune India;

[139] JUST IN: Pair murders juvenile, cut genitals…The Herald;

[140] Algerian actresses call foul on femicide. Daily Mail;

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